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WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL OF ricRACK (Repurposed and Altered Costumes for Kids)

We provide sewing classes using kid friendly vocabulary, sewing patterns, and tools.



Classes are for children, ages 8-16.

All skill levels are welcome.


Cancellation and Refund Policy 

For Adults and Kids Sewing Classes, Camps, and Workshops

Please call if you’re going to be late, we usually try to start together as a group. 

Please double check your calendars before signing up for our sewing classes! 

Our teachers and staff work hard to provide as much availability and coordinate class times that works for everyone. 


If you have to cancel a class, here is ricRACK’s following policies

If you cancel prior to 24 hours: Full Refund 

If you cancel within 24 hours: 60% refund 

No-Shows: No Refunds


Class Make up Policy 

If you miss a class, we will try our best to find a seat in a current or following sewing class.  

It is not our responsibility to secure a seat, we will do every attempt to help you finish your project. 

You can also set up a time for private sewing instruction outside of class at $35/hr. Please call at 504-218-5205 or email us at



ricRACK's Repurposed Sewing Classes

Starting in Fall 2017, we have drop-in classes for kids as well as structured workshops.

We are working on a small "membership" fee for our next set of kid's sewing classes that will alow kids to come year around whenever the studio is open 

If you have a time/day that you would like us to consider, please drop us a line by emailing 





Kids Memberships


$200/6 months 

With these memberships, you get... 

  • discount on fabric and material purchases
  • discount drop-in rates
  • discount on special holiday workshops


*Open Studio

 Drop in and play and sew with us 

Sew and work on whatever you want 

Kids Only...The Studio is yours! 

All Supplies and Materials are provided. 

Mondays and Fridays from 3pm-7pm. 

 Ages 8 and up

max. 4 students

$5/per day for members

$10/per day for non-members

Please call at 504-218-5205 or email at to reserve a seat 




So You Want to Be a Fashion Designer??!!

6 weeks of Fashion Boot Camp!!

Learn to sketch, swatch, pattern, create, and market the clothes of your dreams.
The teens in this class will create pieces for their portfolios.
All supplies and materials included.
April 7 - May 12
Saturdays 1-4pm

Max 10 students.


fashioncamppic 1







Re-purpose with a Purpose Parties

We can bring one of the following classes to your home and/or business for any occasion….a Halloween or Birthday party, or we can also help you complete a Girl Scout badge!

  • Turn your dad’s old button-up dress shirts into an awesome art smock.  Keep your school clothes clean while you create.
  • Don’t throw away your mom’s old skirts!  We can turn them into a fun, play time CAPE!
  • We can turn any prom outfit, t-shirt, or dress up clothes into a scary, creepy un-dead ZOMBIE costume.
  • Need a headdress, but don’t know where to start?  We’ll take an old visor and turn it into a glorious celebration headpiece.
  • Learn the art and craft of dyeing and manipulating fabric! We’ll turn your old pillowcase into a beautiful batik or tie-dyed piece of art.
  • Don’t throw it away! There are ways to have fun and re-purpose your t-shirts.

These classes are custom priced.  They are based on the number of children and the length of time for the event.

1 hour classes are $100. There is a $50 fee for each additional hour.

The prices for varying class sizes are below:

1-5 children, $60 per hour

6-10 children, $80 per hour

11-15 children, $100 per hour

16-20 children, $120 per hour

(For example: if you would like to book a 2 hour class ($150) with 14 children ($200), the total cost would be $350.)

All supplies, tools, and materials are included. There are no additional costs!  We bring everything except the eager, happy children!!

Please contact us at for more information.

PO Box 750997

New Orleans, LA 70175

ricRACK Warehouse is appointment only

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