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ricRACK Outreach 

Since 2012, ricRack has been partnering with local organizations and schools to teach over 500 youth in New Orleans the importance of repurposing and sewing.

In 2013 our very first sewing and repurposing class were taught at over 6 New Orleans YMCA's, with an average of 60 students per week, for 6 weeks. ricRack went on to work with the Jewish Community Center, French Quarter Fest, Kipp Primary School, Palmer Park Arts Festival. Homer J. Plessy Community School, and Kipp Leadership Academy. ricRack developed the highly successful Repurposed Fashion Camp at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art that has been running annually since 2013.

Each new student learns...
- What is a textile
- What is textile recycling
- Define decompose, biodegradable, and recycling
- What is fast fashion and how do textiles pollute the earth

Before going onto hand or machine sewing, hand-eye motor skills are developed through measuring, tracing, and cutting out patterns.

Sewing and construction of garments gives the student a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. But students learn so much more, interpretation and creation, commitment and perseverance, problem solving, and self reliance.

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