ricRACK (Repurposed and Altered Costumes for Kids) is a youth-serving nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the economic and creative opportunities in the costuming industry. We want to ensure that the New Orleans costuming community is recognized nationally and internationally by giving youth the skills to become competitive and advanced costume-makers. ricRACK encourages environmental responsibility among our students and costume-makers, who can significantly help reduce textile, clothing, and craft-related waste by repurposing existing materials.

Why teach costuming and sewing?

Of course there are the basic life skills of measuring, cutting, tracing, hand eye coordination, patterning, and sewing by hand and machine, but the more we teach, the bigger we see the picture of what our students are learning.

We see individual interpretation and creation, resourcefulness and independent thinking, pride and confidence, making mistakes and completing goals, commitment and perserverance, problem solving and self reliance.  We have parents who have been shocked at how much these classes helped their child “come out of their shell” or reach for higher goals, there’s no giving up in a ricRACK class. 


Why Start the Organization in New Orleans?

Because we dress up for any occasion, special or not.  It’s tradition.  It’s the culture.  Everyone here has a closet for their everyday clothes and a “costume closet”.

I saw a kid years ago wearing one of those awful Halloween t-shirts with these horrific words printed on it “this is my Halloween Costume”.

Horror of horrors.

In all the cities, in all the states, in this country, in the world, there is no excuse for an individual to have a costume, be it Halloween or another holiday.

ricRACK is a place to learn how to sew, how to create, how to repurpose, and how to not ever have an excuse for an individual to not having a costume.


Please contact us for more information.

Joel Barker:

"Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision merely passes time. 
Vision with action can change the world."

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