Mira Blakely (she/they)

Sewing Studio Manager

Mira has been sewing since she was a child, continuously expanding her knowledge and techniques over the years to include costume design, bag making, quilting, apparel, and home decor. Originally from Chicago, she has lived all over from the Bay Area to Austin to Baltimore, finally calling New Orleans home.

Always a creative and maker, Mira spends her time beautifying the world around her through sewing, gardening, and building community. She is always open to new ideas for using old things, and how to give new life to discarded items. 

She is passionate about sustainability, often rescuing treasures from the trash or free groups, and repurposing them into something quirky but functional. 

Mira is excited to bring that same ethos to the ricRACK sewing studio by offering unique classes that inspire others to think twice before throwing something away.

Mira has been sewing for as long as she can remember, repurposing and re-using along the way to create her own unique style and the ricRACK sewing studio.