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Our Mission

ricRACK is a community based 501c3. A place to learn how to sew, create, grow, imagine, re-use, sustain, and succeed.

ricRACK combines creative skill building with environmental responsibility by offering meaningful opportunities to youth and adults to re-use donated clothing, textiles, and craft materials. This mission builds on increased public and industry awareness of sustainability and waste reduction within the fashion industry. 


We aim to provide economic opportunities through skill sharing and creative re-use while reducing waste in the textile industry.



In our sewing classes, there are the technical skills of measuring, cutting, tracing, hand eye coordination, patterning, and sewing by hand and machine, but the more we teach, the more we see a bigger picture of what our students are taking away.


We see individual interpretation and creation, resourcefulness and independent thinking, pride and confidence, overcoming mistakes and completing goals, commitment and perseverance, problem solving and self reliance.  We have parents who have been shocked at how much these classes have helped their child “come out of their shell” or reach for higher goals. There’s no giving up in a ricRACK class. 


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