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Your donation helps keep our unique mission alive!

From staffing our local resale shop, to paying teachers to show both kids and adults how to sew, to supporting our textile recycling initiative.

Your contribution helps the New Orleans creative and cultural community. 

Thank you for investing in a more sustainable future!

what is my donation
used for?

Your financial contributions help us grow, and establish more ways to recycle textiles.

We spend our funding:

  • Teaching adults and children in our community to sew

  • Paying our instructors a fair wage

  • Purchasing supplies like sewing machines, scissors or chairs for our sewing studio 

  • We teach folks to sew even if they can't afford to pay for classes! Your funding helps make that possible

  • Staffing our resale shop, which serves as a community hub for creative makers in New Orleans to find accessible and affordable supplies

  • Working on the end use of non salvageable textiles. We always reuse or repurpose before recycling! And we have a 2023 commitment to creatively repurpose ALL of our sewing studio scraps without having to recycle. Funding helps us come up with the creative ways and partnerships to do this at no cost to participants when possible.

  • We're developing a local recycling option for the community and funding helps us pay for shipping of unusable scraps to a U.S. based textile recycling partner


Your money goes directly to funding our many programs here at RicRack.


Please fill out this form > I have items to donate

Thank you for thinking of us when considering repurposing your items. Someone will reach out to you within 72 hours to confirm which of your listed items we can accept for your generous tax deductible donation. We appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

ALL DONATIONS must be clean, readily useable, free of dirt, mold, water damage, etc.

Drop Offs


We accept drop offs at our warehouse location in Gretna, LA 70053.

Donations must be pre-approved by contacting ricRACK via email 

ALL DONATIONS must be clean, readily useable, free of dirt, mold, water damage, etc.

ricRACK accepts

Art Supplies 


Antique Sewing Machines (working, nonworking) 


Books: art, sewing, crafting, etc


Embroidery hoops, floss 

Fabric - rolls and large pieces 

Office supplies 


RIT Dyes 


Sergers (only working please, in good condition)

Sewing Supplies and Tools (New or Slightly used)

Sewing machines (working only please) 

Sewing Patterns (must be complete with instructions, new or slightly used) 

Trim & Sewing Notions

Thread (all kinds) (New or Slightly used) 

Vintage costumes in good condition


ricRACK does not accept


Dangerous Chemicals


Incomplete Sewing Patterns 

Magazines, non-art books, catalogs 

Mardi Gras Beads & Throws

Samples & sample books / swatch fabric books

Spray Paint cans / Old, Spoiled Paints

Pick Ups

We do not have our own trucks at the moment but, on occasion, can call on a volunteer to pick up donations. 

To discuss pick-up donations, email 

Shipping: ricRACK accepts shipped donations.

Mailing Address: 

ricRACK, Inc. - Donations

1927 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

New Orleans, LA 70113

Any questions or concerns, please email

ricRACK Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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