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Community Textile Recycling Days

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Location: ricRACK warehouse: 1005 Anson Street New Orleans, LA.

17 million tons of textiles are thrown away each year. That's 82 pounds annually from the average American. 95% of textiles could be recycled, but only about 15% actually are. This news sounds grim, but there's lots we can do to help. Reuse, repurpose, upcycle, swap, trade, think creatively, and then think about donating or recycling. Think about the longterm life of whatever it is you're thinking of buying before you buy it. Let's work together and think creatively to keep textiles out of the landfill!


Have scraps that can't be utilized into other projects? Bring them by and we'll utilize them to create storm drain filters through our partnership with Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development a Nonprofit Environmental Organization in the Lower Ninth Ward. OR for $2/pound (the cost to deconstruct), we'll take your old clothing and fabric that has reached the end of its life. Then, the material will be shredded and turned into stuffing for things like car seats and punching bags.


Only clothing and linens that are no longer suitable to be used or worn will be recycled! When we talk about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE recycle is the last word for a reason! It should be the last choice.


  • If the clothing can still be worn, consider donating it to a local shop doing good work such as Out of the Closet, whose funding goes to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV prevention and treatment services.

  • Is it fabric in good condition that just needs a new home? We'll accept it as a tax deductible donation for our creative reuse shop. Its sale will help fund our mission!

  • Old sheets and towels? We'll accept them and bring them to Zeus' Rescues where they'll be used by cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes.


We can always use extra hands during our Community Textile Recycling Days!

You can signup at

or email blythecraft at with questions.

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