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ricRACK's Kids Summer Camps

By Laney Tarr, intern

Campers at ricRACK sewing camp are sure to walk away from the week feeling empowered and confident in their own skin. The process of learning how to sew gives adolescents a practical skill, teaching them how to be self-reliant and resourceful, while also providing them with a creative outlet to express themselves. In just five days at ricRACK, campers will undergo personal growth and learn how to contribute positively to the environment, all while having the quintessential enjoyable summer camp experience.

At the start of each week of camp, Chloe, the summer camp lead, greets the campers at 9am, and they all come up with a set of sewing studio rules together. “We’re here for a skill, but we’re also here to learn how to respect each other”, Chloe affirmed.

By coming up with the rules together, Chloe creates an environment that has structure, yet that also fosters a sense of autonomy and self-responsibility within the campers. Once the ground rules have been set, the kids are ready to dive-in to a week of creativity.

On the first day of camp, Chloe teaches the campers how to make placemats, ensuring that they have a foundation of basic sewing construction, while also creating something that they will use for the rest of the week during lunchtime.

“I’m trying to marry creativity and individuality with the ricRACK mission of doing utilitarian and environmentally-friendly projects”, Chloe explained.

Through the placemats project, Chloe exhibits the importance of practicing environmentally sustainable art, making creations that are both functional and reusable.

As the week goes on, campers continue to build on their sewing skills through various projects. They make pillows to practice control, sew reversible bags to grasp inside-out construction, and do tie dye to learn about the dye process and color theory (plus, what child doesn’t go crazy over tie dye). Additionally, throughout the week the kids have a larger project they continuously work on, ranging from a fun jacket or apron, depending on the week. This gives the campers a long-term goal to focus on, which they will be extra proud of when the week comes to an end.

By Friday, campers have racked up an assortment of different art projects, and they are eager to show it all off. Thus, every Friday the campers put on a fashion show that parents and ricRACK employees are encouraged to watch. Each camper picks a song to strut down the makeshift runway to, while flaunting their creations and posing for the camera. After the show, parents are invited back into the studio (turned art exhibit for the afternoon) to get an up-close look at all of the projects, further instilling a sense of pride in each camper.

Even though Chloe is passionate about sewing, they know that not every camper is going to fall in love with it and pursue the craft at full force.

“It’s more realistic that they are going to want to modify their own clothes,” Chloe noted.

By helping kids develop their sewing skills, Chloe is giving them the tools to feel comfortable and self-confident in everything they wear, which is the true ultimate goal. At ricRACK summer camp, the importance of mindful and sustainable production is held at the forefront, all while learning valuable life skills that promote a sense of independence and ingenuity within rapidly-growing adolescents.

There are still a few spots open in our week-long Kids Sewing Summer Camps July 10th thru Friday, July 14th & July 17 th thru Friday, July 21st

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