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Summer Camps

Week-long camps running June through July

Ages 8-12, limited to 6 students per class
Includes all materials, please bring a lunch
$250 per week*

Join us for a week of imagining, crafting, sewing, and making.
In our sewing classes, there are the technical skills of measuring, cutting, tracing, hand eye coordination, patterning, and sewing by hand and machine, but the more we teach, the more we see a bigger picture of what our students are taking away.
We see individual interpretation and creation, resourcefulness and independent thinking, pride and confidence, overcoming mistakes and completing goals, commitment and perserverance, problem solving and self reliance.  We have parents who have been shocked at how much these classes have helped their child “come out of their shell” or reach for higher goals. There’s no giving up in a ricRACK class. 

**If you have a child who wants to take this class but don’t have the means to pay for it, please email to inquire about our low barrier scholarships.