The average American throws 80lbs of clothing away each year.
On average, 1 lb of clothing in the landfill emits 15 lbs of greenhouse gases into the air.
If the average person knew how to sew, more clothing could be altered or repaired and less
clothing would be thrown away.
Schools no longer provide sewing or other home economics classes, so the average person will
not learn how to thread a needle, sew on a button, or mend their clothes.
If the average person were educated about the environmental damages of clothing in the
landfill, they could make more informed choices.
If the average person knew the value of second hand clothing, they would be a more educated
If the average person knew ways to repurpose clothing and other fabrics, they would no longer
throw clothing away.
We can no longer afford to throw clothing and other fabrics into the landfill.
By doubling the life of clothing from one to two years, we can help reduce emissions from
clothing production and disposal by as much as 24%.
Clothing has to be repaired, fabrics have to be re-used.
Now you know, why ricRACK is necessary.
ricRACK educates, raises awareness, shares skills, and recycles unwanted textiles.


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